Neverwinter's Elemental Evil expansion delayed until early April


Baldur's Gate's beloved-ish Minsc (and his pet hamster Boo) are making a cameo in D&D MMO Neverwinter's latest expansiony thing, as Phil told you around a month ago. You'll adventure alongside the grinning warrior and the small rodent in the free-to-play MMO's Elemental Evil 'module', which also ups the level cap and introduces the 'Oathbound Paladin' class. However, you won't be doing that for a while yet, as the module has just been delayed by a couple of weeks.

Here's Neverwinter's executive producer Rob Overmeyer explaining the delay:

"When we first announced Neverwinter: Elemental Evil in January, our team was excited to introduce the community to our biggest expansion launch for Neverwinter to-date. With our efforts to revamp nearly all of our in-game systems, including the introduction of the level cap increase and the new Oathbound Paladin class, our plan was more ambitious than we had anticipated.

"Our Neverwinter team wants to ensure that we deliver our promise of a high quality expansion, and in order to do so, we need a few more weeks to fine tune the Neverwinter: Elemental Evil experience. Consequently, we have made the decision to delay the launch of Neverwinter: Elemental Evil to April 7."

Elemental Evil was originally scheduled for mid-March, also known as 'nowish'. Sorry, Boo, you're going to have to amuse yourself with one of those spinny hamster wheels in the meantime.

Tom Sykes

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