Minsc & Boo are starring in Neverwinter's next update


This is becoming a trend, is it? Old, beloved characters appearing in MMOs only somewhat connected to their original game? First Revan was the star of SW:TOR's last update, and now Minsc & Boo of Baldur's Gate fame have been recruited to bolster interest in the free-to-play Forgotten Realms MMO Neverwinter. It's like Iggy Pop doing an insurance advert: the game.

"Restored to flesh and blood and once more roaming the Realms, Minsc and Boo are bold and humorous companions and steadfast allies," explains the Neverwinter dev log. "Now players will have the chance to adventure alongside the intrepid pair and uncover the secrets behind the rise of Elemental Evil."

Elemental Evil is the name of the next "module". It also adds a new Paladin class and increases the level cap.

Being brutally honest, I'd actually forgotten Neverwinter was a thing. Minsc and Boo could be a good excuse to take a look, but it'll take some effort to do the berserker and his pet space hamster justice.

Phil Savage

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