Neverwinter details upcoming Campaign meta-quest system

Neverwinter's first content expansion, Fury of the Feywild, is due out in "Summer 2013". A quick look out of the window, at spontaneously roasting birds hurtling through the sky, suggests that its release is pretty imminent. With it comes a new Campaign system: a 'meta-quest' feature that will allow players to unlock rewards and additional regions of the Elven city of Sharandar.

"The system itself will be a new UI (user interface) window similar to the Queue or Professions window," explain developer Cryptic . "In it, players will find Projects that they must complete in order to unlock Sharandar's other neighborhoods, the new Malabog Castle dungeon delve, and new passive powers for their characters."

These 'Projects' are completed by using the rewards from repeatable quests. Solo instances - unlocked through a one-time use key given as a repeatable quest drop, or purchased with adventure zone currency - and the Malabog Castle dungeon are also tied to the Campaign screen, and will help to speed up progression.

Cryptic have also detailed the Campaign rewards: "New T1 sets will be available within Sharandar and new T2 gear is obtainable within Malabog Castle. Also, players can obtain T1 gear from new solo instances, from the Sharandar Store with new currencies, and from repeatable Campaign Projects." Class-specific weapons will also be available.

It will be interesting to see the variety offered by the Campaign system. If there are enough methods to progress through the Projects, it could be an enjoyable way to reward dedicated players. But there's always a danger that it's an attempt to pad out content by requiring repeated quest grind. We'll know for sure when Fury of the Feywild is released this "Summer".

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