Neon Struct updates with free expansion, level editor, Workshop support

Neon Struct

Cyberpunk sneak-'em-up Neon Struct has just received a huge update that adds a free expansion, a level editor, and Steam Workshop support to the game. In honour of all that, developer David Pittman has released a synth-poppy new trailer, which you can, and should, watch above.

First, that expansion. The Dulce Archives is set in 1997, 18 years before the events of the main game. "An enigmatic client. An unscrupulous private eye. And a job that will change their lives forever." Well that sounds ruddy mysterious, and you can find it on the Steam Workshop here.

Oh yeah, the Steam Workshop. Neon Struct now has support for mods, although it doesn't have many of them yet. Give it a few more with the new level editing tools, which Pittman has detailed here.

Andy reviewed Neon Struct back in May, calling it an "elegant, pared-down stealth game with echoes of the original Deus Ex".

Tom Sykes

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