NEO Scavenger leaves early access

Neo Scavenger

Humans: always expecting the worst. Sure, right now you might be absorbing information from a glowing rectangle; the totality of knowledge at your fingertips. And yes, right now, if you want a steak, you don't have to track, murder, skin and cook an animal to get at it. Milkshakes exist. Pizza exists. Things are pretty good.

But, what happens should we find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic future, where survival is harsh and unlikely, and your movements are inexplicably restricted to a few hex grids per-turn? It's an unlikely scenario, but it could happen. We should probably prepare in case it does.

Step forward NEO Scavenger; a turn-based survival roguelike that released into early access late last year. It's now been released for real, and promises to teach you many lessons about the difficulties of staying alive and in one piece.

Should you want to give it a try, there's a browser-based demo you can play right now. Should that pique your interest, it's available on multiple stores: Steam and GOG being just two.

Phil Savage

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