Neill Blomkamp is making a live-action Anthem short

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Update: The Anthem project hinted by Neill Blomkamp yesterday is a live-action short called Conviction: An Anthem Story. Give the teaser a watch above. 

Details are sparse at the moment, but we'll be able to see what it's like living in Fort Tarsis and, of course, get to watch Freelancers and their Javelins getting into lots of fights as they carve a path to the leader of the Dominion, the Monitor. 

It's due out on February 14, so not long to wait. 

Original story: District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has certainly been making the rounds recently. Just last week we reported that he visited Creative Assembly's studio (opens in new tab) for a look at their new but so-far-unannounced FPS game and now it seems he has some involvement in Anthem (opens in new tab), if a tweet this afternoon is anything to go by. 

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While we have no way of knowing what the tweet is referring to specifically, fans are putting forward any number of suggestions, from a full-length movie to a live-action trailer.

Personally, I reckon we'll be seeing a live-action trailer, but who knows? We'll be sure to update you as soon as we hear any details.

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