Music video made with GTA 5 editor is better than expected

Grand Theft Auto 5 video

The retro-flavored electronica band Gunship has, presumably with one eye on the vast gaming community and sites like ours, decided to use the Grand Theft Auto 5 video editor to create the video for The Mountain, the second single from its forthcoming self-titled album.

And it's actually a lot of fun, helped in part by the fact I also like the song. What makes the video work is the way it begins with a dark, slow, neon-noir kind of vibe, and then builds steadily to a transcendentally preposterous crescendo. I was thoroughly fooled until precisely 1:37, and by the three-minute mark I was honestly laughing out loud. (Yes, at the man on fire. Don't judge me.)

Silly or not, the power of the editor is undeniably impressive. And if you dig the tune, you can dig more of the group's music at

Andy Chalk

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