MultiVersus season 1 has been delayed

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The first season of the popular platform fighter MultiVersus has been delayed past its original August 9 release date, and there's no word yet on when it will actually launch. The official MultiVersus Twitter account made the announcement, offering no clear reason for the delay. Since a playable Morty was promised for the season premiere, that new playable character is also delayed.

"We want to let everyone know that we are delaying the start of Season 1 and the release of Morty to a later date," the account tweeted. "We know this might be disappointing for some and want to assure our community that we are dedicated to delivering new and exciting content that delights players.

"We'll let you know the timing as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm and look forward to unveiling season 1 very soon!"

Details on the season and its battle pass only emerged earlier today. Molly has a run down on what the battle pass is and what it'll cost you, though it's as yet unknown how long the season runs. Perhaps the delay was inevitable: MultiVersus already has millions of players, and a mediocre set of battle pass challenges can really take the wind out of a newly launched competitive game, as we saw with Halo Infinite

The MultiVersus open beta kicked off in late July and has become quite the phenomenon. Understandably: you can beat the crap out of Bugs Bunny.

Shaun Prescott

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