Multiplayer monster raising farm sim Re:Legend finds publisher ahead of Steam release

Re:Legend is a self-styled "sim-JRPG" about taming and raising monsters known as Magnus and enlisting their help in farming, fishing, fighting and other daily tasks. Today, Terraria publisher 505 Games announced it will publish Re:Legend, and that the game will come to Steam Early Access later this year. 

Inspired by the likes of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher, Re:Legend is also about building up a farm, expanding a town and getting to know the locals, and exploring a colorful world. The kicker is that everything is multiplayer and powered by Magnus. So, instead of just busting out a watering can and heading to your fields, you might saddle up a blue dragon and have it give your crops a healthy blast of water breath. Then you might have it shack up with your friend's dragon, visions of a cute baby Magnus dancing in your head. 

As we learned when we spoke with Magnus Games (opens in new tab), the small Malaysian studio behind Re:Legend, Magnus are central to everything. You can tame every Magnus you find, including boss Magnus, then level them up and breed them to create new Magnus. The studio says they have around 200 of the not-so-little buggers planned for Re:Legend's initial release, with more to come, including especially powerful ones unlocked in a repeatable, randomized end-game dungeon. You can find more information about Magnus and Re:Legend's robust-looking combat here (opens in new tab)

We first noticed Re:Legend in mid-2017 (opens in new tab) when its Kickstarter raised nearly 10 times its original goal, becoming the biggest crowdfunding campaign to come out of Southeast Asia. Magnus Games told us its runaway popularity was especially encouraging because their previous project, which would eventually evolve into Re:Legend, was cancelled after a private investor pulled out. 

Last time we spoke, Magnus Games said they hope to release Re:Legend in June 2018, but that was several hat changes and Kickstarter stretch goals ago, so don't hold your breath. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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