MSI unveils a 32-inch 1440p gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate

Over on MSI's website is a new product page for its Optix AG32CQ, a 32-inch class monitor with a curved VA panel and 2560x1440 resolution. It's essentially a higher resolution variant of the 1920x1080 non-Q model (AG32C) that came before it, as both share the same overall design and feature set.

The only other notable difference between the two is the refresh rate—it's 144Hz on the new AG32CQ, versus a slightly higher 165Hz on the AG32C.

MSI's new monitor also sports a rated 1ms response time and is compatible with AMD's FreeSync technology for smoother gameplay. As to the image quality, MSI claims the AG32CQ covers 110 percent of the sRGB color space, and 85 percent of the NTSC color space.

This is not an HDR display—brightness is rated at 250 nits, which is lower than the 400 nits required for VESA's entry-level DisplayHDR 400 certification. Other specs include a 3,000:1 contrast ratio (100,000,000:1 dynamic) and 178 degrees viewing angles.

There three display inputs—DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, and DVI. As with the non-Q model, there's no built-in USB hub or speakers.

The Optix AG32CQ doesn't appear to be widely available yet, though we did spot it on Amazon's website in Spain for €499.

Paul Lilly

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