MSI is dishing up boot-shortening BIOS updates for its X570 motherboards

(Image credit: MSI)

As the company previously promised, it has begun rolling out firmware updates based on AMD's latest microcode (AGESA, for its X570 motherboards, some of which are on our list of the best gaming motherboards. According to MSI, these BIOS updates bring with them over 100 improvements and fixes, and can shorten boot times as well.

"The latest Patch B BIOS (SMU v46.54) comes with a massive improvement at all points concerning debugs and optimization for the previous version. There is a loooooooooong list regarding improvements and amendments. The most attractive one to me is optimized system boot up procedure that allows us to shorten boot time and less waiting," MSI stated in a blog post last week.

Compared to BIOS releases based on the previous microcode, MSI says it has seen boot times improve by as much as 8 seconds, after clearing the CMOS. Here's a look at MSI's own figures:

(Image credit: MSI)

These claims are a week old, but what's new is that owners of certain X570 motherboards can now put this to the test, if desired. These are the motherboards that have new firmware available (along with links to where you can download them):

It's always a good idea to back up your data before flashing the firmware, in case something goes wrong. Also take note of your BIOS settings—you may need to adjust the settings after flashing to maintain that overclock you spent time fine tuning, to avoid a broken RAID array, and avoid other potential problems.

Whether the allure of faster boots is enough to warrant a BIOS flash, you'll have to decide that for yourself—SSDs are a boon for boot times and you may find Windows (or Linux) loads fast already.

Beyond faster boots, AMD's microcode is also supposed to increase all-core boost clocks on Ryzen processors, though to what extent is not known.

Looking ahead, MSI says it will have new BIOS updates available for its 400 Max series motherboards around the middle of November, and for all 400 and 300 series motherboards by the end of next month. Other motherboard makers are expected to release new BIOS updates soon as well.

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