Mount & Blade series has sold 6 million copies


Taleworlds has revealed that the freeform RPG series Mount & Blade has shifted six million copies across its various releases. That's not bad for a series that looks like... well, see the screenshot above.

"The series, which has until now accumulated over 6 million unit sales, is a favourite among players, much loved for its refreshing sandbox gameplay that centres around player freedom," said Taleworlds in a press release.

Of course any Mount & Blade news will inevitably be met be scores of people wondering about the status of its sequel, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. As it happens, we'll find out next week. Bannerlord is due to be shown at Gamescom, where it will be demoed to the press. Additionally, new information and a trailer are planned for a public release.

Naturally, PC Gamer—specifically me—will be there. No, of course I didn't write this post specifically to brag about the fact that I'm going to be seeing Mount & Blade II. That would be a dick move.

If you're yet to try the series, I'd recommend Mount & Blade: Warband. Despite being a little clunky, it's excellent—and well worth persisting with to experience the freedom to pursue whatever particular goal happens to take your fancy.

Phil Savage

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