Morrowind multiplayer makes progress

60 Morrowind

I'm enjoying Morrowind's new vogue—it was the first open-world game I played, so it's hard not to coo over throwbacks like Morrowind Rebirth, Skywind and OpenMW. The latter is a project to port Morrowind into a new, open-source engine that will allow modding (and all-new games) beyond anything the Elder Scrolls Construction Set is capable of. Multiplayer, for instance.

Officially, multiplayer is on the OpenMW crew's wishlist rather than their aims for version 1.0, but that hasn't stopped one Stanislav Zhukov having a crack at it. The video above shows two instances of Morrowind running one one machine in which one character is clearly synced up to the other's world. Position, animations, inventory and player attributes carry across.

OpenMW can't yet support interaction between the visitor and the host's world, but as a networking experiment on a 13-year-old game, it's a corker.

Cheers, RPS.