Morrowind Rebirth 3.5 released, adds toilets

Morrowind Rebirth loos

I've spent much of my life thinking that Morrowind is one of the best games ever made, but now that I know it didn't feature a single toilet, I kind of want to hurl it into the sea. Thankfully the Rebirth mod has arrived to put things right, adding, among other things, toilets to the mushroomy island of Vvardenfell. Citizens of Morrowind: you may finally take a dump. (I sure hope Rebirth has added toilet paper too.)

Toilets come to Rebirth as part of version 3.5, which also makes a ton of fixes, for both the 'vanilla' game and the mod—you can read all about it here. Lavs aside, it's a fairly boring update, but I'm interested to see what (if anything) those jerks in Seyda Neen think of these new inventions.

Tom Sykes

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