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More Elden Ring footage has apparently leaked, but it ain't much

Elden Ring
(Image credit: From Software)
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As excitement for Elden Ring (opens in new tab) continues to morph into agitation, a new seven second video from an internal presentation has leaked. Let me write straight up, that this little scrap of footage isn't at all illuminating: it's dark, blurry and unhelpful. But it exists, and that's the main thing.

Here it is, embedded from Reddit (opens in new tab).

Based on the watermark it's probably part of the same presentation that leaked in scraps in March (opens in new tab). It shows a panning shot of a room full of sarcophagi, followed by some footage of the inside of a tower. It's dark and blurry too, did I mention that? Look: it's something.

Meanwhile, VGC (opens in new tab) is reporting that From Software's parent company Kadokawa Corporation has hinted that Elden Ring will release some time before March 31, 2022. That's based on the company's latest financial results, which you can access here (opens in new tab), though it's in Japanese.

Whatever the case, we don't know the Elden Ring release date (opens in new tab) in any official capacity, and in this Covid-19 wracked world there's every possibility it's been delayed, and will be delayed again. That sounds cynical, but I dunno. I just want to play Elden Ring.

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