Mordheim trailer details four campaigns


Mordheim has been quietly expanding in Steam Early Access for a while as the developers add new features and tweak based on player feedback. The latest trailer teases the four campaigns tied to each faction, which let you move across the city to plunder ruins and grow your warband.

The original tabletop game benefited enormously from the wider context of a campaign. Your crew grows more experienced with each mission. Some are splatted by an ogre, while others thrive and become heroes. You also meet Dramatis Personae—adventurers who have already survived many campaigns and become powerful heroes in their own right. In the tabletop game they were expensive hires, but it sounds like they'll join you during important story missions.

I might well scupper my planned XCOM: Enemy Within playthrough and give Mordheim a go instead. XCOM 2 isn't out until February, and a Warhammer fantasy take on the formula might just scratch the itch. The question is: Skaven, Sisters, Chaos or Mercenaries?

Tom Senior

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