Moonray is a surreal hack-and-slash adventure coming to Early Access

Moonray features conventional sword-and-board Dark Souls style combat in an unconventional world of floating fractal sculptures. You play as a craggy sculpture-esque humanoid on a mission to recover an element that's vital to the planet's wellbeing.

It looks pleasantly weird, and just judging from the footage the devs have put out so far, the combat actually looks nice and snappy. There are RPG elements, so you'll be upgrading your character and weapons. The developer Everything is Full of Gods mention the involvement of music producer Ten Walls, perhaps most famous for Walking With Elephants.

The game is heading to Steam Early Access on July 3. It's been in development for about a year, and the developers plan to keep it in Early Access for 18 months to work on community feedback.

According to the game's Steam page, "the full version will feature more levels, more upgrades, more enemies, more everything! We will be adding more levels, developing the story, fleshing out the combat and upgrade system, and adding crazy bosses throughout the Early Access period".

I can't get enough of Soulslike games, and it's refreshing to see one set in these trippy locations, full of floating orbs and strange reflective surfaces. The Ten Walls involvement suggests the game will feel like a far future rave, and I'm very much here for that.

Tom Senior

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