Monument Valley 1 and 2 finally come to PC in re-imagined 'panoramic editions'

Monument Valley Panoramic Edition
(Image credit: Ustwo Games)

Haunting puzzlers Monument Valley 1 and 2 finally release on PC today. The two games have been "reimagined from the ground up" and are now on Steam as polished-up 'panoramic editions', supporting ultra-wide aspect ratios and bundled with all previously released DLC.

The Monument Valley series has been one of mobile gaming's proudest treasures since the first hit iOS way back in 2014. The elegiac tone and elegant, interlocking puzzle design—which sees you shifting around parts of the level to guide the protagonist home—set it apart from contemporaries that were mostly interested in extracting ever-more pennies from players.

Such was Monument Valley's cultural impact that it was used as a prop in the Netflix series House of Cards, and was even featured in an Ariana Grande video. Eight years on it is simply one of those mobile touchstones: the proof that this platform can host beautiful and touching experiences, as well as all the cruft.

Developer ustwo describes these versions as "the definitive Monument Valley experience." The combination of all the games' previous DLC with "beautiful visuals reimagined from the ground up" for the wider field-of-view makes this feel a serious attempt to create a great PC experience out of titles that were once synonymous with mobile gaming. I mean, after eight years, you'd hope so.

Finally, I won't have to experience these classics hunched over a tiny phone screen. I can play them hunched over my keyboard instead, as nature intended. Monument Valley 1 and 2 are both available on Steam, either separately or in a bundle for 15% off. Be forewarned, they will make you a bit sad.

Joshua Wolens
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