Locomotive roguelike Monster Train adds mod support

(Image credit: Good Shephard Entertainment)

A new carriage has been added to deckbuilding roguelike Monster Train. The Herzal's Workshop update hopped aboard last night, bringing with it the tools for players to reshape the train in any way they fancy with full mod support along with balance changes, a haunting new paint job and more frequent appearances of something called The Bone Dog. 

Mod support arrives following a short beta, albeit one long enough for the Steam Workshop hub to be overbooked with new units, handy features, and, err, Seinfeld basslines.

By far, the standout piece in this early line-up is an entirely new faction. The Arcadian Clan, created by modder Chronometric, adds a brand new set of over 40 new cards with 11 new artifacts, boasting bespoke (if currently placeholder) unit art and a unique mechanic for ascending and descending floors. While currently incomplete, the creator has a handy tracker of how far along the collection is over on its Workshop page.

Other mods run the gamut from genuinely helpful features like a Restart Battle button and wild modifiers that let you field twice the number of units, to baffling jokes that rename every card "Chungus" or just one card to "Frank". There is also, should you desire, The Mod About Nothing, which adds a Seinfeld-style bass slap and laugh tracks to your fights. 

Mod support isn't the only addition in this week's update, mind. Monster Train has also added some suitably spooky seasonal decorations and given the elusive Bone Dog their own event. Herzal's Workshop also comes with a number of smaller balance tweaks, with the full patch notes available over on the update's Steam Announcement post.

Natalie Clayton
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