Monster Hunter: World's story campaign will last 40-50 hours

The Monster Hunter series is poised to make its western PC debut with Monster Hunter: World next year, which is something Steven and Austin seem pretty pleased about. Last week, we learned that Capcom plans to add new beasts over time via free updates, and now it appears its core story campaign will last somewhere in the vicinity of 40-50 hours. 

Speaking to German publication (via Gematsu, translated by Google), Monster Hunter: World's director Yuya Tokuda suggests 40-50 hours is about right for the game's story mode, however this will ultimately depend on the individual player's approach. 

"I guess it will take about 40 to 50 hours, depending on the type of player, to complete the story," says Tokuda. "But it would not be a monster hunter game if it had no content that you could enjoy in the back. Players can continue to forge and upgrade their favorite weapons and armor after the story is over."

As reported by Sam Horti yesterday, one such extracurricular activity that awaits players is feline companion customisation. That looks something like this:

Elsewhere, Tokuda explains how the game's design was influenced by real world locations, which members of his team visited in person. 

"A group of designers visited different areas in Australia, including Tasmania. That has had a great influence," Tokuda explains. "The background designers used the areas of Australia as inspiration for the plants in the Ancient Forest and the ant hills in the Wilderness Wastes. 

"The designer, who was responsible for adding plants and rocks to the maps… [she] said that it was a huge difference to see how the vegetation grows and interacts with the environment rather than just looking at it in photos."

Monster Hunter: World is without a concrete launch date on PC, however is expected at some point in the first half of next year. In the meantime, here's six things Monster Hunter: World needs to be a success on PC, and, equally, what we want to see in Monster Hunter: World on PC when it eventually lands.