Monster Hunter: World high resolution texture pack is coming in April

Monster Hunter: World will get a significant facelift in April in the form of a new high-resolution texture pack that will be released as part of the 5.2 update. The pack will be available as a free update from Steam, but it'll eat up a good chunk of real estate on your drive—a minimum of 40GB of free storage space is required—and you'll need at least 8GB of VRAM to use it.

You can see the difference in an included comparison image, and it definitely looks better. Like John Travolta with a five dollar milkshake, I'm not entirely sure that it's 40GB better, but if you have lots of free space and a video card you're dying to do something with, you might want to at least give it a shot.

Full details on the hardware requirements for the high-res texture pack will be posted after the update goes live, which barring unforeseen complications will happen on April 4. The update will also add a TAA+FXAA option to the anti-aliasing menu in the "Advanced Graphics" settings, a new mouse control option "that is less sensitive to unintentional movement when controlling the Focus Camera with the mouse," the ability to allow friends to join private games, and makes various bug fixes.

Andy Chalk

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