Monster Hunter: World has camouflage 'suit items' and drop-in multiplayer

The Monster Hunter series began life in 2004 as a PlayStation 2 exclusive, and has since spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs. Before now not one of these follow-ups managed to find their way onto desktops, which makes the newly revealed Monster Hunter: World all the more special. As you might've spied earlier this week: Monster Hunter is finally coming to PC

And when it does it'll come packing a host a new series-first features—not least stealthy camouflage, and gear that lures foes into the kill. For the first time ever, both Japanese and English servers will also be merged and a simultaneous launch window is planned. 

Furthermore, all 14 weapons from previous games feature here, and new wares such as the Slinger are at players' disposal—a grappling hook-like gadget that doubles up as a weapon.  

In conversation with PlayStation, Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto (via a translator) detailed what's in store with regards to equipment and the game's multiplayer. Observe:

For those who prefer the written word, here's Tsujimoto first on gear: "We have these new suit items that're like mantles. The one you saw in the trailer is called the 'Ghillie' mantle which lets you go into a stealth mode—there's a cooldown on it, you can't just wear it all the time—which give you the opportunity to hide from monsters. But we've also the opposite, we've got one that lets you lure monsters towards you. You've got different options available to you for strategy in the hunt this time round."

And here's the company CEO on MH: World's multiplayer: "Monster Hunter [previously] had a four-player multiplayer system so you could meet up with your friends, go into your hub, and then choose a quest and go out together. But for the first time, we've got drop-in multiplayer so, say you're out on a quest and you're getting into trouble with a monster you can shoot up an SOS flare, get your buddies to join in halfway through the quest and get them to help you take [the monster] down."  

Monster Hunter: World is expected on PC in early 2018.