Mojang celebrates Minecraft cross-play with visual novel


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was announced a couple of months ago, and has been in beta since the end of July. It exists alongside the regular PC version but is based on the Pocket Edition, so you can think of it as kind of an in-between version to work on both Windows 10 PCs and more portable devices running the OS.

In the latest update, aside from internal features like the Nether, better touch controls, enhanced weather effects and the like, this Windows 10 Edition now has cross-platform compatibility with Pocket Edition. So if you have a Windows 10 phone and your buddy has an iPhone, you can still build a beautiful Minecraft house together.

To illustrate this point, Mojang has actually taken the time to create a short visual novel called Doki Doki Compatibility Quest: 3. You play as a Windows 10 PC called Winsten attending a "cross-platform school" called "Device High" where you can meet iOS and Android devices with personalities to match. "The bespoke tones imply that I'm listening to an Android device," reads one description.

Since I think this is super cute, it's time for a disclaimer: ex-PC Gamer web editor Owen Hill wrote the words for this little browser game, and while I've never met the guy I guess that gives us some kind of connection. So don't take my word for it: go play it yourself!