Modder recreates Fallout 76's photomode in Fallout 4

When I want to take nice screenshots in Fallout 4 I use console cheats: tfc to enable the freecam and tm to hide the UI. But modder extraordinaire registrator2000 is working on a far more elegant solution, a lovely photo mode for Fallout 4 based on the one from Fallout 76.

The mod isn't available for download yet, but it even the little bit we can currently see looks fantastic. Here's a quick video of the work-in-progress:

As you can see, the attractive little options menu lets you set the field of view and roll the camera side to side, just like in Fallout 76's photomode, and there are also a few sliders to adjust the depth of field. The menu appears to have a character tab, too, which I'm sincerely hoping means we'll be able to choose from a few poses when our character is in frame. (Pretty please?) Another tab shows a clock, so maybe we'll be able to adjust the time of day as well, and there's also a tab that looks like it might let you use filters or photoframes.

I realize I'm speculating wildly, but Registrator2000 is a fantastic modder—just see their mod for Fallout 76 that greatly improves inventory management—so I can't wait to see the finished product of this awesome-looking photomode in Fallout 4.


Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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