Better Inventory is the first must-have mod for Fallout 76

I love my Pip-Boy as much as any John Q. Vault Dweller, but it's not the most efficiently designed inventory management device. When I'm on the go, harried by missile-flinging mole miners, overburdened and dying of dehydration, I need to quickly assess the several hundred pounds of loot I've got loot stuffed in my pants. This isn't the old singleplayer days where looking at my screen pauses the world while I browse, so I need to do it quickly, too.

That's why this Better Inventory mod created by brilliant Fallout 4 modder registrator2000 is the upgrade I was looking for. It does a few important things, beginning with the Aid tab, which is a cluttered catch-all containing everything from chems like stimpacks and buffout, food (cooked, uncooked, and spoiled), drinks like water, soda, ale, and wine, and even buff-giving bobbleheads. As-is, it's like you've taken the contents of your refrigerator, pantry, medicine cabinet, and kitchen trash can, and dumped them all in the same sack.

Better Inventory adds a filter in the Aid tab just for food and drink, even letting you sub-filter that filter for only disease-free cooked food and beverages. You can also filter the Weapons tab for melee, thrown, and ranged to quickly find the killing tool you may not have added to your favorites yet. And, blessedly, you can view your inventory weight by tab, for when you're overloaded and aren't sure which category is weighing you down the most. (Surprise! It's probably all the crap in your Aid tab, honestly.)

Considering how much time as we all spend peering at our inventory trying to lose a few pounds so we can fast-travel again, and searching through a long list of drugs and plants and hunks of meat, these extra filters are incredibly useful. Check the Nexus Mods page here for full instructions on how to install and use Better Inventory.

Important: While Better Inventory already feels like a must-have mod, at this stage we really don't know what Bethesda is going to do about players using Fallout 76 mods yet. Warnings? Bans? Absolutely nothing? We have no idea. This is just a UI mod, and as registrator2000 states on the mod's page, "It does not use any hidden information that is not already available for you to view in the Pip-Boy. Nothing on the server is affected or changed in any way by this mod." But even still, if you mod Fallout 76, you're taking a risk. Be warned!

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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