Modder brings first person camera to Marvel's Spider-Man

The coolest part of Insomniac's recently ported to PC 2018 Spider-Man game is its web slinging. Expanding on the system from Treyarch's classic Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in, swinging through Insomniac's open world is exhilarating.

Modder jedijosh920 is looking to up the thrill factor at the expense of your stomach with a first person mod for the game. In a video demonstration uploaded to YouTube, Josh shows Spidey swinging around Manhattan from the new perspective. It's already pretty intense in video form⁠—I got that sense of my stomach dropping that's usually reserved for roller coasters or downhill biking gopro footage.

I'm also surprised at just how well it seems to work. The movement is still legible and I didn't feel confused or turned around at any point while watching. Spidey's animations translate really well to first person too. I especially like how his hands look while climbing or the way his legs come into view at the top of a swing.

The trailer doesn't feature any combat, which I have to imagine would be extra tricky given the game's zippy, Arkham-esque battling. An ideal solution might be the ability to toggle between first and third person depending on gameplay demands, though Jedijosh already got the swinging working despite my expectations.

Jedijosh920 hasn't released the project for download yet, but when he does you can likely find it on his NexusMods page. You can also follow the creator on YouTube.

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