MMO racer The Crew speeds past delay, coming this fall

Ubisoft ripped back the curtain on The Crew today, showing off gameplay from the multiplayer racing game for the first time. Billed as an MMO for racing fans, The Crew lets you and friends get together for illegal street races and other such high-speed shenanigans across a photorealistic, open-world representation of the continental United States.

Here, have a gameplay trailer:

We heard a lot about The Crew when Xbox One and PS4 were having their measuring contest at E3 last year. We then learned that the game was delayed until 2014, after which The Crew started playing The Quiet Game in the finest tradition of the great American road trip. Now that the game has had some extra time to marinate, Ubisoft has pushed the release to this fall and begun the slow drip-feed of a publicity campaign anew.

For more, check out our hands-on preview of The Crew from last August , though it's impossible to say what has or hasn't changed in the extra months of development. Ubisoft will be releasing The Crew on PC (through Uplay, of cours e) this fall.