MLG's first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament set for X Games Aspen

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

MLG has announced that its first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament will take place at X Games Aspen, which will also mark the first appearance of videogames at the event. The top eight CS:GO teams from North America and Europe, determined through online qualifiers, will compete in the tournament, which will be broadcast online on, with highlights aired during X Games television broadcasts on ESPN and ABC.

"2014 was a breakout year for eSports with the first ever MLG tournament at X Games Austin, millions watching competition on, and more than 71 million people competing in or watching eSports events around the globe," MLG co-founder and CEO Sundance DiGiovanni said in a statement. "Our X Games debut was such a success we knew we had to continue the tradition. The MLG X Games Aspen Invitational will further elevate eSports placing our top competitors amongst the best winter athletes in the world."

MLG's X Games Aspen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Invitational will begin on January 23 and run through to its gold medal finale on January 25. X Games attendees who want to watch the action live will require a "premium pass," purchasable from the MLG Store for $100, which includes reserved seating, a behind-the-scenes tour, a gift bag of MLG merchandise, and more.

Preceding MLG's event is the Dreamhack Winter 2014 event, which kicks off on November 27.

Andy Chalk

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