MLG and joinDOTA team up to create a new Dota 2 league for 2015


MLG and joinDOTA have announced plans to team up next year to create what may be the largest Dota 2 league in the world. The planned league will span three separate seasons, each leading to a LAN playoff and then a World Championship final slated to take place near the end of 2015. All joinDOTA Division 1 teams from last year's season will be invited to compete for a spot in the finals, and other top teams from around the world are being invited to join as well.

The new system will also be open to other players: The two leagues are working to incorporate MLG Pro Points into the joinDOTA League, which will allow players "from across the board" to compete for a qualifying position in the finals. A total prize pool of more than $565,000—a minimum of $475,000 in prizes and $90,000 in travel support—is up for grabs.

“We have always wanted to create something big with MLG and it doesn’t get much bigger than this,” joinDOTA Project Manager Jacob Toft-Andersen said in a statement. “By linking the joinDOTA League together with MLG we can create consistent LAN finals with a big grand event the scene can be proud of.”

Details about qualifying tournaments for the new MLG-joinDOTA League system and the incorporation of MLG Pro Points will be revealed soon.

Andy Chalk

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