Mists of Pandaria lets you flip tables in anger/frustration/celebration


Some of the greatest figures in mankind's history have flipped tables to prove their dominance. Jesus flipped tables in the temple with a giant whip in his hands. Chow Yun Fat flipped tables defensively pretty much every time he fought. That one guy from the Transporter movies flipped tables at the generic baddies trying to stop him from transporting something.

Okay, that list sort of fell apart at the end, but that doesn't change the fact that throwing a table makes a point that cannot be ignored: you are current raging and people better watch out.

You can now make that same powerful statement in World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria beta, where WoW Insider just uncovered the latest item added: a flippable table.

The table is the latest novelty item added to the beta that's available to players with high-level Cooking skills, and is purchased using tokens from daily Cooking quests.