Mirror's Edge 2 canned. EA "are not in the business of charity"

Mirror's Edge thumb

EA have seen a prototype of Mirror's Edge 2 and decided to can the project, moving the small team of DICE developers who were working on the sequel to other projects.

The news comes via a Press 2 Play report, translated by Eurogamer , which says that "Patrick [Soderlund - EA driving and shooting game boss] acknowledges that Mirror's Edge didn't match up to their expectations regarding sales, and that has stopped the sequel that has been in development."

"EA was shown a prototype, but declined with askance. The project has been stopped - involved parties at DICE are working on something else now. Patrick himself seems to have Mirror's Edge near his heart, but they are not in the business of charity."

Senior figures at EA last year declared that Mirror's Edge "fell short", but were still interested in building on the unique first person parkour mecahnics with a sequel. Sadly, it looks as though we won't be seeing one anytime soon. DICE are currently hard at finishing Battlefield 3 for release later this year.

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