Minecraft Slender mod brings terror to Minecraft

Slender's Forest is a Minecraft map inspired by Slender: The Eight Pages . Minecraft's Endermen are an affectionate nod to the skinny monster birthed on the Something Awful forums, this is a perfect fit. That doesn't mean that Slender's Forest is a parody, or any less scary for Minecraft's boxy setting. You must pick your way through a dark forest at a slow pace, picking up pages without catching the eye of the monster and trying not to fall off your chair when you do.

The mod slows down your walk speed to draw out the tension, but offers a few difficulty options if it all becomes too much. You can play the map in daytime mode, which robs the map of some of its mystery, but you still get the creepy crunching noises as the Enderman flits around and tries to catch you out. You can download the map now from the Minecraft forums . Thanks to Wordpuncher for the heads up.

If you can't get enough of the Slender sensation, keep an eye on Slender: The Arrival , a prettier follow up to The Eight Pages. You may also be interested in the Slender Source mod that's in development. If you just want to find out how easily scared we are, check out our Slender Now Playing .

Tom Senior

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