Slender: The Arrival is the follow up to Slender: The Eight pages, first screenshots

Slender: The Eight Pages has delivered plenty of free scares already, but there's probably a market for those who'd like to be scared at a higher resolution. Slender: The Arrival with slake that thirst with a high fidelity update to its Unity predecessor. It's being made by Parsec Productions, who made The Eight Pages, in conjunction with Blue Isle Studios.

"The final version will include improved visuals, more content, more levels, and an engaging storyline to add to the Slender setting" they say. It'll arrive on PC "in the coming months." The Slender: The Arrival site has two screenshots of the project, which are safe to look at, I promise.

If you're looking for a prettier version of the slender experience that doesn't cost anything, and that can be played in co-op, keep an eye on the upcoming Slender: Source mod . If you're wondering what on earth all this slender business is but don't want to jump right in for fear of being scared into a coma, read Kim's Now Playing on the terrifying after effects of a night spent fleeing the Slenderman with all the lights out.

You might also like Parsec's other fear project, Where Am I , which explores the terror of being lost in a world of dark, narrow corridors. There's always SCP Containment Breach , if you run out of Slender-based scares.

Tom Senior

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