Minecraft passes 3 million sales

Notch Has Money

Everyone knows there are a lot of people playing Minecraft, but the sales milestones Notch keeps tweeting still manage to make us feel dizzy. Today he announced that 3 million copies of Minecraft have been sold so far. Last month we reported that Minecraft boasted 10 million registered users , of which nearly 2.7 million were paid copies. That means that Mojang have sold a staggering 300,000 copies in the last 30 days. At just under £13 each , we're now waiting for Notch to announce his intention to buy the moon.

Purchasers of the Humble Indie Bundle #3 can get a taste of Minecraft until 14th August. With the highly anticipated Adventure Update still on the horizon, sales are unlikely to slow down in the coming months. Minecraft will get a full release in November and Mojang are throwing a party to celebrate. The Minecraft convention, Minecon will kick off on November 18 in Las Vegas.