Minecraft creator Notch schmoozed by Napster founder Sean Parker

Minecraft Sky

This is not strictly news, but it made us laugh.

This week Markus Persson, the guy behind indie hit Minecraft, mentioned he had two meetings coming up: one with a prospective employee, another with someone who "has a great business idea". Later, he wrote on his blog that a "rather spontaneous rich guy" met with the team, then invited them to fly to a party in London on his private jet. Which they did.

When fans pestered him for the identity of the mysterious rich guy on Twitter, Notch confirmed that Majestic XII's guess was correct: Napster founder and influential Facebook investor Sean Parker . Which makes the whole thing amusingly close to the flashy behaviour of the Sean Parker character in The Social Network, the movie about the founding of Facebook that Parker himself called "a complete work of fiction".

So if you were wondering, yes: it is possible to make an indie game so good that rich people show up and fly you to parties. The interesting part is, assuming Parker wasn't the prospective employee, what was his "great business idea" for Notch and his team?


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