Minecraft Adventure Update footage shows NPC villages and Endermen

The Minecraft Adventure Update was playable at PAX over the weekend. IGN got Notch to give them a run through of the new features, and filmed it all for good measure. The randomly generated NPC village looks gorgeous. It has its own gardens, stone towers and houses. Also shown: the sinister Endermen . Notch cycles through day and night like A GOD to generate the perfect conditions for spotting the new mob. When he finally confronts them, they stare down their creator with murderous dispassion. Hnnngh.

Notch also talks a bit about creative mode designed for players who like to start epic builds. In this mode, you can fly freely, destroy any block with a single hit and place any block in the game at will. Also shown: rivers! Ravines! New combat! A new eating animation! Notch says that the Adventure Update is so big that it will be released in two parts. The first will be out in just a few weeks.

Tom Senior

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