Mimimi's swan song is 2 same-day expansions for Shadow Gambit before the studio shuts its doors forever

Afia pointing a gun in Shadow Gambit
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Mimimi Games, the people behind the excellent Desperados 3, the excellent Shadow Tactics, and the excellent Shadow Gambit, has one last present for us before it closes its doors forever. The studio has announced two upcoming DLC expansions for Shadow Gambit, set for release on December 6 and "marking the ultimate chapter from us as Mimimi Games."

I'd love to tell you precisely what those two DLCs will be, but Mimimi is playing its cards close to its chest even with just two weeks to go until their release date. There are a few details to tease out, though. For one, both pieces of DLC will add "several hours of fresh content" onto the base game, and will between them add a new character, an uncharted island, and a new, six-mission story campaign.

"Prepare to welcome a new playable character, armed with unique supernatural abilities and ready to join the ranks of the cursed crew," reads the DLCs' announcement blurb, which boasts too of a "mystical, uncharted island in the Lost Caribbean, waiting to be explored." Personally, were I to discover a mystical and uncharted island in the Lost Caribbean I'd just leave well enough alone, but I suppose this is why I write videogame news instead of plundering the high seas.

Mimimi says the new add-ons will integrate into the main game, meaning you'll be able to use any new characters for your main campaign hijinks. That's all we know right now, but given the very limited amount of time between today and release, that'll probably change soon.

Releasing two sizeable-sounding DLCs at the same time is a sure way to go out with a bang, but this whole situation is bittersweet. Mimimi has released some brilliant games over the years—Dominic Tarason scored their most recent game 87% in his Shadow Gambit review—and it'll be sad to see it go quietly into that good night, even if it's for the understandable reason of "[prioritizing] our well-being." At least the launch of Shadow Gambit gave the studio the resources to "pay out a bonus to all employees to help them during their transition." 

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