Microsoft Flight Simulator preview build registration is coming soon

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Microsoft Flight Simulator's Insider Program, which started taking sign-ups last month, will start giving members a behind-the-scenes look at the game's development in August. Early in the month, Insiders will get a preview of the development roadmap, clips captured from the build and details on the first preview build.

Insiders will be able to register for the first preview build in early August, while public participation sign-ups will start in late August, along with a more details about the build itself. Microsoft Flight Simulator was the low-key best reveal of E3 2019, so we're pretty excited to get our hands on it. 

In September, Microsoft will sharing its plans for keeping people up to speed on the game's development and how it will integrate the community. If you want to join the Insider Program, you can find all the details here

Let's watch that ridiculously pretty announcement trailer again. 

Another development update is due on August 8. 

Cheers, DSOGaming

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