Microsoft Flight Simulator modder creates skyscraper-sized Xbox Series X, PS5

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft / Oh_Gaz on Reddit)

We don't know exactly when Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox consoles, so one player took matters into their own hands. They brought both an Xbox and PS5 to Microsoft Flight Simulator instead, as towering buildings. On PC, of course.

On Reddit, Oh_Gaz posted a video of the massive, 200 meter tall Xbox Series X they modeled and added to Redmond, Washington, where Microsoft's headquarters is located. And that huge Xbox Series X looks like it's planted right in the middle of campus:

I modelled a 200m Xbox SeriesX for Microsoft's HQ @ Redmond, Washington from r/MicrosoftFlightSim

The Xbox Series X has been faithfully modeled by Oh_Gaz, right down to the ports on the back and the big glowing green light that shines through the top, which looks especially pleasing at night. I'm not sure how well the real Xbox Series X will run the notoriously demanding Microsoft Flight Simulator when it comes out on console, but the one in the video looks like it'd be able to handle it no problem.

Flight Simulator won't be coming to the PlayStation consoles, but the PS5 hasn't been forgotten by Oh_Gaz. It's been added to Tokyo, where Sony's HQ is located, and it's so big you can even land on it.

I built & placed a 200m PS5 at Sony HQ from r/PS5

The massive Xbox Series X and PS5 aren't yet packaged up for you to download and add for your own game of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but Oh_Gaz says they'll be available soon.

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