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Microsoft Flight Simulator patch improves performance but causes more crashes

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
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A major update came to Microsoft Flight Simulator this week, with improved performance as one of its main focuses. According to the release notes (opens in new tab), it added "improved multi core support for CPU" as well as "better memory and GPU usage" and "faster loading times". In addition, "stutters have been significantly reduced". That all sounds like great stuff, but unfortunately the update has also been causing the game to crash to desktop for some players, even in the menu. That's not so great.

The subreddit contains several posts along the lines of "New update has increased performance, unfortunately this isn't useful because now I can't play for 5 minutes without crashing to desktop (opens in new tab)" or deploying the usual (opens in new tab) memes (opens in new tab). The tone of posts on the official forum has been less playful (opens in new tab), however.

The latest development update (opens in new tab) notes that a hotfix dealing with the problem will be ready tomorrow (8am PT on July 30), with fixes for "various crashes" including those "related to the offline AI traffic". 

A community manager announced the hotfix (opens in new tab) while noting the last week has seen a change on the forum with an increase in "users lashing out at each other, threats made towards one another, and some general rudeness". From now on the forum will have a zero-tolerance policy and users being rude to other users will be given a 30-day silence period. The community manager concludes, "There is absolutely a way to have a civil discussion about Flight Simulator without name-calling, baseless threats, or harassment."

Jody Macgregor
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