Microsoft Flight Simulator looks stunning in the new Insider teaser

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Earth is the star of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator teaser, which gives members of the Insider programme a glimpse of the upcoming Feature Discovery series' first episode.  Episode 1 will be taking a look at our funky planet and all the picturesque locations you'll be able to soar over when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches next year. 

The Feature Discovery series will begin in October, but you can sign up to the Insider programme with your Microsoft account and get a sneak peek in the member's area. There are other benefits, too, not least of which is the opportunity to take the game for a spin early. 

The preview doesn't feature any planes, but there's still plenty of amazing aerial shots of forests, cities and oceans to gawk at—they're much nicer views than you'd get if you were actually flying. Insiders can watch it here

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Technical alpha recruitment started earlier in the month for Insiders, and while the road map made it look like the alpha would be out in September, it actually won't begin until October 24. If you don't get an invite this time, there will be other opportunities to fly around before launch. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator's Feature Discovery series starts on October 10. In the meantime, there are plenty of clips and screenshots on the Insider page

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