Metro: Last Light to draw faction lines with new DLC

Deep Silver has announced a new mutation of Metro: Last Light DLC called the “Faction Pack” which straps you into the soggy boots of three different soldiers who—like the name suggests—belong to separate factions.

There's the Redline sniper who must defend an outpost during a radioactive storm, a “Reich Heavy” charged with holding the frontline, and a Polis Ranger rookie looking to navigate a forgotten library. Each character has his or her own unique mission, though we wouldn't be surprised if each of the missions tied together somehow.

The Faction Pack hits Steam worldwide on July 16 for $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99, though it won't cost you a pretty penny if you snagged the season pass.

Deep Silver also briefly touched upon three new DLC packs, with the “Chronicles Pack” being the most promising as it features new single player missions as well. The other two featured a challenge based "combat simulator" and an AI arena, which sound slightly less interesting than new single player content. The publisher didn't announce release dates or prices for the other pieces of DLC, but hopefully the Faction Pack sets an example the rest will follow.