Metro Exodus will preload on Steam but not the Epic Games Store

Metro Exodus is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, unless you pre-purchased it on Steam prior to January 29, in which case you'll get it on Steam. It's a little strange, but probably the least-awkward way to handle the awkwardness of switching platforms just a few weeks before release. 

What's even stranger is that, according to the Metro Exodus Twitter account, people who get the game on Steam will be given a preload period, but those on Epic's store will not. 

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"Preloading" is simply the process of downloading and installing a game ahead of its release date, so you can jump in and start playing the moment it goes live. For people with slow or unstable internet connections, being able to preload a big game like Metro—the download clocks in at around 50GB—can mean the difference between playing on launch day and playing a day (or two) after.

Deep Silver did not say why preloading won't be available through the Epic Games Store, but a rep confirmed that the tweets are accurate. We'll have a review of Metro Exodus this week.

Andy Chalk

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