Metal Gear Survive will include farming and crafting

Konami’s released some new screenshots and base camp details for Metal Gear Survive, the base defence spin-off, to keep those unable to play it at Gamescom sated. Hopefully you like doing a spot of farming in between all the zombie-slaying.

Yes, you’ll need to farm to survive, because you can’t eat rotting zombie flesh and you need to keep your strength up. At the base camp, survivors will be able to plan crops, rear animals and store both food and water, with more options being added as the camp develops. 

The camp will also serve as a command centre, letting you plan co-op and single-player missions, craft gear and manage resources, including defences. Raw materials and blueprints can be found scattered around the environment or won as a reward for completing co-op missions. 

Tim took Metal Gear Survive’s co-op for a spin during E3, and quite enjoyed playing. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed until 2018. To keep you going until then, check out the gallery of screenshots below. 

Cheers, Metal Gear Informer.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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