Metal Gear Online video shows classes, tactics, fulton extraction

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Slide

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Metal Gear Solid 5's competitive online mode won't reach PC until January next year. This is a shame, because Metal Gear Online looks great.

The 11-minute narrated in-game footage from Tokyo Game Show covers classes, game modes and tactics. You can salute fellow team mates to form a buddy link; you can paralyse snipers with puppy plushies; you can use the fulton extraction device to steal enemy team members and redeem their kill total as tickets for your own team. It's good to see the trademark blend of military seriousness and slapstick silliness make it into multiplayer.

Snake and Ocelot have also made the leap online. Ocelot can dual-wield revolvers and ping bullets round corners. Snake can deploy his rocket fist for some tactical espionage punching. It's not clear if fultoning a hero character will grant you extra rewards, but bragging rights should suffice. We love the fulton extraction system so much we wish every game had it.

Tom Senior

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