Meta dev blog may have accidentally leaked body-tracking support for the Quest 2

Two people dancing around using the Oculus Quest 2 on a pink gradient background
(Image credit: Oculus)

A now-deleted screenshot on the Quest 2 developer blog (thanks UploadVR) suggests that support for body tracking could be on the way. Given Meta's plans for the, um, Metaverse, expanding support for the Quest 2's feature set to include body tracking would be a nice addition for gaming and whatever other hijinx your avatar gets up to in the virtual world.

Under the 'Quest Features' of the configuration menus, developers are given options to enable different features for the VR headset. As you can see in the screenshot below, right above tracked keyboard support there's a drop-down for disabling and enabling body tracking support, a feature that has never been mentioned for the Quest 2 headset before.

Currently, the only parts of your body the Quest 2 can track are your head, hands, and fingers (which were added via software update back in 2019).

Given the current hardware, we might only be talking about your torso, although we shouldn't rule out the possibility of Meta releasing additional hardware like HTC Vive Pro 2-esque room trackers. Only time will tell.

Interestingly enough, the Oculus dev page seems to have updated the screenshots of the interface, this time with any mention of body tracking completely erased. We've reached out to Meta for comment and its response was that the company doesn't have anything to share on this topic. Below you can see the before and after.

Jorge Jimenez
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