Mercenary Kings hits Steam's Early Access program

Does Mercenary Kings look familiar to you? Besides the whole 2D-indie-sidescroller thing, I mean. What if I told you to envision the above scene, but with the addition of a girl with quirkily-colored hair and her seventeen hundred evil ex-boyfriends? Yep—this is the next thing to come out of the developers who did Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and that signature style has definitely carried over. What's more, it's now also playable in a beta state over on Steam .

Also available DRM-free on its own website , Mercenary Kings is the demented, super-high-action brainchild of Tribute Games, formed by the Scott Pilgrim vets also responsible for Wizorb . This Early Access version has 60 missions for you to tinker around in, out of the planned 100 missions that the full release is aiming for. You'll also have to wait for features like online multiplayer, but by buying it now, you get 25% off its full-release price tag, putting it at $15/£12 (or you spend $45/£36 on a four-pack while you get your co-op team together).