Retro-themed indie Wizorb hits PC at ludicrously low price point

Wizards come in many shapes and sizes. Some are shining bastions of all that's good, right, and heroic. Some have hearts so dark that they don't get the point of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness." Others won't let you pass.

Wizorb's main character, however, is a pretty original variation on the theme. True to his game's title, he turns into, you know, an orb. Then he bounces around and breaks stuff. Admittedly, there are more efficient ways to rescue your kingdom from evil, but if you could play human Breakout, can you honestly say you'd pass up the opportunity? Didn't think so.

The full game's now available on Gamersgate for a measly $2.99. Sadly, Steam's out of the question until sometime next year, but come on: we're talking about a spherical sorcerer . If that can't get you to break out of your box, you're probably doomed.