How to meet the people of the bazaar in Dying Light 2

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Stuck on the Dying Light The Only Way Out quest? Some objectives in the game are pretty straightforward, others are not. One of the most confusing ones is the "meet the people of the bazaar" objective. There’s no clear location marker, and the quest description doesn’t give you any details. 

No worries though, here’s what needs to be done to complete the Dying Light 2 meet the people of the bazaar objective. 

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out: How to start the quest

After completing the Markers of Plague main quest—which unlocks Dying Light 2 co-op—The Only Way Out will start automatically. Its first objective is to "spend time at the bazaar’. This is easy: Just follow the yellow location marker until you reach the Survivor’s enclave. You can also see the location (a green house) on your map.

Right after entering, the quest objective changes to "meet the people of the bazaar". If you use your Survivor Sense (Q), you will notice that some of the NPCs have a green aura. These are the people you can speak to.

Two of these Survivors are essential to the quest: Carlos and Julian. You’ll bump into Carlos right after entering, and Julian is a bit further ahead on the right. Accept the following quests from them:

  • Carlos: The Spark of Invention
  • Julian: Cheers!

How to complete the Dying Light 2 meet the people of the bazaar objective

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Here’s the thing: The Only Way Out remains the same even if you have spoken to all the necessary people in the bazaar. It seems like you need to complete the two side quests first, so here’s a quick walkthrough for both—if you want to avoid any spoilers, just click away and continue the quests on your own.

The Spark of Invention

  • Collect two electrical parts. You may have already found them before starting the quest. 
  • Return to Carlos inside the bazaar, and give him the parts.
  • Turn on the device outside, then walk over to the goat’s enclosure. Talk to Carlos to complete the quest.


  • Go to the objective location to save Hans. You need a lockpick to open the door. Then talk to his wife.
  • Follow the marker again to find Hans on a rooftop. 
  • Next, go to Marco’s location. You have to take down the enemies before you can enter the building. 
  • Marco will ask you to help him clear the building. Drop down to the lower floor and defeat the Infected.
  • Finally, you’re faced with a choice: help Marco or tell the truth. If you tell on him, you will have to defeat him. Beware that he’s quite a strong boss.

Now that’s done, you can return to the bazaar to hand in the side quest. This will update the objective. Now you’re free to continue The Only Way Out.