Medic: Pacific Corpsman will put you in the boots of a World War 2 medic

Hypnotic Ants, PlayWay S.A. and Games Operators have announced Medic: Pacific Corpsman, a World War 2-based simulator where you work as an army medic on the front lines.

The trailer shows how the game will focus entirely on the work of a Corpsman on the Pacific Front, running between the bullets to tend to injured comrades.  By keeping low, avoiding gunfire, and carefully maintaining your medical bag, the goal is to save who can be saved, rather than dive in all guns blazing.

While there is an element of jank in the trailer, with the voice acting and animation not quite being up to scratch yet, the idea is fascinating. Having to prepare for any injury, quickly triaging patients while under fire or working with them to get them out of harm's way, could set up some excellent moments we don't see anywhere near often enough in war-based shooters. If it leans more heavily into the realism of war and offers an unflinching look at the toll it takes on combatants, it could be something very special.

The game is due to launch sometime on Steam next year, though a specific date has yet to be confirmed.